Medical Malpractice Takaful


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Medical Malpractice Takaful is a scheme to cover individual medical practitioners to defend against allegations of professional negligence, acts, errors or omissions in the course of practising in their professional healthcare services. Also known as medical indemnity insurance.  It is now compulsory for the renewal of APC to attach with this type of insurance.

This scheme is provided and covered by Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad.

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The contribution for this Takaful may varies individually depending on specialities, limit of liability, claim experience, and other underwriting considerations.

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Payment made to Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Am Berhad via Online Transfer, or via Credit Card using E-Wallet. 

Application for next year will usually open on 1st July every year. However, earlier commencement of coverage is recommended.

  1. Full 1 year coverage, or
  2. Minimum 6 month coverage, with period end by 31st December each year.

Any coverage less than ONE year, will be prorated and extend to next year.

If there is no claim or alleged claim against you before application, we will confirm acceptance to you within 24 hours of receipt via email stating the effective date of cover. 

Please call us if you fail to hear from us within a week of your application.

When we receive your application, we will respond to you within 24 hours as follows:

  1. We will acknowlege the receipt of the application documents.
  2. If your takaful application is acceptable, we will confirm cover on the same day.
  3. The certificate will be issued after your payment has been cleared.

Please contact us if you fail to hear from us within a week.

In the event of a claim or if you are aware of a potential claim, please email us at [email protected] or notify claim manager of Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Am Berhad at 1-300 88 252 385

This will be treated separately. We will need the claim and/or alleged claim details and may propose an offer with certain terms and conditions. 

You may choose one from below;

Option 1 : RM250,000 any one claim and in the aggregate
Option 2 : RM500,000 any one claim and in the aggregate
Option 3 : RM1,000,000 any one claim and in the aggregate
Option 4 : RM1,500,000 any one claim and in the aggregate
Option 5 : RM2,000,000 any one claim and in the aggregate
Option 6 : RM3,000,000 any one claim and in the aggregate
Option 7 : RM5,000,000 any one claim and in the aggregate

Limit of liability differs according to nature of services.

This website contains information for individual coverage. Kindly please click the chat button for assistance, or email your request to [email protected]

No, having your own takaful coverage does not make you a more likely target for a lawsuit. When something happens and a patient is injured, most lawyers will name everyone who was involved in the patients’ care in the lawsuit—whether you have your own coverage or not.

It is highly recommended for you to own individual indemnity coverage because the goverment will not cover the cost of medico legal totally ie. legal representatives. You have to bare the cost your own which may fork quite huge amount of your savings. 

Yes, if you are in a business entity. Otherwise no.

It is our agency code given by the company to officially distribute this product, and all other general Takaful product such as Building and Fire Takaful. For reference click here.